The Blushing Dragon- A poem.

Scales glisten, a wet rainbow
cascades down
the waterfall. Smoke and mist mix,
obscures her litheness
bathing in the pool. Beads
of water spray when she shakes
her head, spreads her wings,
catches water to run across
her spines and spiral,
like fingers, around her tail.

I want to touch her, to feel
the electricity of her skin, coarse
against mine. But I hide, watching
her bathe in a waterfall.

For a moment, she pretends
she’s not a dragon, sunlight swirls
like auburn hair around her neck.
The water is fire—
slides over her, caresses her
like I desire. Scaled hands
run through her hair, untangling.

For a moment, I pretend
she’s not a dragon—
her hands touch steaming skin.
She shifts her hips and smiles
behind her, dagger teeth glimmer.

She notices me, tucked
behind a willow tree. Smoke
curling from her lips, she dips
her head, hides a splash
of crimson on her golden scales.

Featured Image by Erik Junberger under Public Domain.

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