I’m Jacob Kolasch.  I live in Pocatello, ID with my wife and two dogs.  I recently finished my MFA in Creative Writing, and now I’m at the beginning of the next stage of my journey.  I write mostly poetry, while dabbling in fiction, and recently I’ve started working on a novel.

In my poetry, I deal largely with perception.  This can involve mystical elements bleeding into reality, or vice versa, or merely looking at something from a different perspective than normal.  I employ images that juxtapose dissimilar elements, such as innocence and sexuality, or the like.  I try to break the cliche, and if I use something that is cliche, I attempt to do so in a fresh way.

My short fiction tends to blur the lines between genre fiction and literary fiction.  I strive for character driven pieces.

I’ll be honest. My schedule for posting is sporadic. Creativity often comes in bursts. While I will try to post consistently, I make no guarantees.

When it comes to writing advice, it’s all over the board.  Most of the advice that I find, or have been taught, kind of takes a “one size fits all” approach.  And that doesn’t really work.  I’ve learned that advice is simply that: advice.  I want to take what I have learned, and how I write, and share that.  Writing isn’t “one size fits all.”  Everyone is different, and I think it’s about time we started talking about that.

-Jacob Kolasch, MFA


Thoughts? Comments? Let me know...

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